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May 25, 2012
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It was a party arranged by Roy Mustang, the new furher. You didn't understand why he would invite someone like you, a young alchemist in training, to such a big party. Nonetheless, you were going to dress to impress.

Slipping on your short, thigh length (fav color) gown, you looked in your mirror. Oh you looked so hot! The men would be drooling over you. You pulled your (hair length/color) hair back in an elegant half up, half down pony tail. You curled in slightly, giving it an even more elegant look. You kept the makeup nutral. Putting some suttle heels on to finish the look, you examined you outfit, very pleased.

When you arrived you couldn't help but look for your crush, Edward Elric. God, he looked hot tonight. He wore a nice suit, wanting to be different and not wear that crumby blue uniform that made anyone who wore it look fat. When he looked your way you quickly lokked away, wondering over to the drink table.

Later in the night, Risa came around. She had a bag in her hand full of different objects. You blink, asking her what it's for.

"Mustang has a little game planned. I'm collecting one item form each person here.... so I need one thing from you, please."

You blink again, finally realizing what game he had in mind. What a perve.....You think for a momant. What the hell? Nothing wrong with a little fun, right? You pulled off your ring your mother had given you and dropped it in the bag. Then Risa left, continuing. You sya her with Edward and watched him put his pocket watch in, rolling his eyes a bit, but also blishing slightly.

when everyone had put something in, Mustang quieted everyone, "Ok, time to play Seven Minutes in Heaven!"

Everyone groaned but had little choice. Things went on, adn when it came down to Risa, she got Mustang.....Somehow, that seemed right. THen Edward stepped up and grabbed something from the bag. When he opened his palm and blinked, "Um, who's (fav gem) ring?"

You blush deeply and raise your hand slowly, "M-mine."

You wanted to choke mustang when you saw him grin widely, and was thankful that no one could read minds.....

Edward's face turned a bit red as well. Once you were both in the closet, it was quiet, which made things a bit awkward.

"S-sorry about all this," Edward said, smiling sheepishly.

You blushed, noticing how close he was to you. He smelled great too. "N-no, it's fine, really."

He looked down at you with his golden eyes. There was something there....something.... hungry?

"Well," he sighed, "I guess we better make this count."

You were about to ask him what he ment until his lips met yours. They were so soft and warm. You found yourself instantly kissing him back. Your emotions took over when he placed his hands on your hips. You wrapped your arms around his neck, bringing him closer. You loved being really really short for once....and being shorter the Ed.

The kiss turned heated as Edward pushed you against the wall, deeping the kiss. His tongue asked for entrance, but you felt liek being a tease and refused. He growled, pinning your arms against the wall now, his leg going between yours. He bit your bottom like, demanding entrance, and yet you still refused, giggling to yourself.

Edward was a bit upset you could tell when he grinded his hips against you, forcing you to gasp. He took his chance and his tongue explored your mouth. Your tongue played with his, enjoying the sweet taste of his mouth. One of his hands released yours, only to slide it up your dress, fingers skimming the sensitive skin of your inner thigh.

You moaned against his lips, whispering, "Edward....I want you....I love you...."

He smiled against your parted lips, "I have waited forever to hear you say that, ___________. I want you bad.....God, I love you."

You were so happy in that moment....ubtil Roy opened the door, laughing his annoying laugh.

"Ok you two, I think that's enough," he laughed again.

You fell even more in love with Edward when you both kicked him at the same time. Before anyone woul;d reacxt, Edward dragged you with him as he walked away.

"Risa.....did you see what they did to me," Mustang pouted, rubbing his shines.

Rise sighed, "You asked for it, Furher."

You both laughed, leaving teh party behind. Edward embraced you, kissing you deeply. You kissed him back, smiling.

He grinned at you, a glint in his eyes, "What do you say we make our own Seven Minutes...or more?~"

You giggled, grabbing his ass. God you had wanted to do that forever! You winked and ran,, calling over your shoulder, "If you can catch me, Fullmetal!"

You both laugh, Edward chasing you. And you couldn't be happier.
Wanted to do this for awhile....finially got it.....thought i wanted to make it longer....i got tired lol.....hope u like it!

i dont own ed, or any FMA characters, and i dont own u......yet XDDD jk jk, chill out
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